Bolt from the Blue

Nimbus is not one to tolerate nonsense. He's cool, calculating, and his dedication to skywatching precedes all else.

He wears his fascination with the atmosphere on his sleeve; no matter how on-the-nose, he's steadfast in embracing his first love.


Names & Aliases

Nimbus, Cloudy




32nd Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon












Blackbriar Co.



Patron Deity






White, swept back


Striking teal



*He is a few shades darker than he appears ingame.


7 fulms


Lean, toned

Distinguishing Features

Nimbus appears more hyuran in the face than elezen; he has rounded, filled out cheeks and full lips, but the greatest indicators of his mixed heritage lie with his slightly pointed ears and height

He wears dark eye makeup on his upper eyelids.


Nimbus's fashion sense is very proper and put together. Suits and decorated robes are preferred.

No matter what he dresses in, it's always all white.

Common Accessories

Rimless glasses, linkpearl, aetherometer, research materials, stationery, earpiece


Positive Traits

Polite, pragmatic, focused

Neutral Traits

Aloof, blunt

Negative Traits

Volatile, intimidating, mundane


Most obvious of all is Nimbus' passion for skywatching. It seems to consume most of his attention and time.

He also enjoys reading and journaling in his small amounts of downtime.

Dislikes & Fears

Nimbus dislikes filth, disruptions, persistent annoyances, and freezing weather.

His fears are well-guarded.


Nimbus will speak openly of his past... so long as one doesn't mind him cherrypicking the parts that are easiest to talk about.


  • Nimbus is very cool and collected for the most part, but when it rains, it pours. His temper strikes like a bolt from the blue.

  • He professes to be a thaumaturge.

  • Nimbus's favorite beverage is black coffee, and he's capable of becoming quite grouchy without a regular caffeine fix.

  • Rarely found without a pair of gloves on.

  • He tends to be statically charged and will shock people and objects on contact frequently.


Cloud-to-Ground Lightning

The aetheric signature surrounding Nimbus is more potent than one may expect, and it's very distinctly aspected towards lightning. It roils constantly, like an arc of lightning is ready to claw its way out of him at any moment.

The odd aether would be noticeable by most magically attuned individuals from a fair distance, but aetheric sensitivity isn't required to physically experience the charged aura surrounding him. Anyone in his immediate vicinity may be subject to static electricity, the hairs on their body standing on end, the air tasting metallic, etc.


He has the height and pointed ears of an elezen, but the facial structure and build of a hyur.

Struck Deaf

He's not ignoring you, he's hard of hearing!

Writer's Notes

I'm quite a forgetful person, so I always keep a page of notes so that my characters remain consistent, even when I take long breaks away from the game.

Not sure how you ended up here if I didn't link you, but there's lots of spoilers and meta knowledge here, so turn away now if you're not interested.


  • Nimbus keeps a cool demeanor... for the most part. He's prone to snapping under prolonged stress or bothering, though these little bouts don't tend to last long. He doesn't lack the humility to apologize for these outbursts, but he won't do so if he feels confident he wasn't in the wrong.

  • Has a profoundly difficult time discussing anything deeper about himself beyond skywatching. If he has any actual emotional stake in it he's less likely to open up, and even more so if the emotions are negative.

  • Logic > emotion, but don't forget his empathy. Nimbus is aloof and doesn't have room in his heart to care about anything and everything, but he does keep a very cozy little nest of feelings in there reserved for what he does care about.

  • He's not as smart as he appears. He was raised to be a shopkeeper and is a disciple of magic dropout. This man ain't know shit about shit if it isn't in the sky.

  • He's a quiet romantic.

  • His moral compass tends to err on the selfish side. His actions don't tend to be driven by moral virtues, and his chief concern is often himself. He doesn't go out of his way to behave selfishly, but if he has to do things for others he treats it more like a job that needs completing rather than doing a favor out of the goodness of his heart.

  • Nimbus may be selfish, but he is not self important.

  • By extension of the above qualities, Nimbus gets along just fine with those who tend to be snooty and unpleasant.

  • Has a Lichtenberg scar that spiders all the way down his neck and back.

  • Has difficulty hearing most of the time. He is able to interpret speech when the environment is silent or near to, though it is dulled.

  • Suffers from chronic pain and depression, but does well to hide and manage it.

  • Nimbus didn't always wear glasses. He is gradually going blind due to cataracts forming in his eyes as a result of his accident. Hence, his urgency towards skywatching as much as he can while he still has his sight.


  • Nimbus was born in Gridania to a Midlander hyur mother and a Wildwood elezen father. His birthname was Ealric Audier (pronounced Ell-ric.)

  • He was originally slated to inherit the family business, but a keen sense for aether and a bright mind clued his parents in to the idea that his intellect would be wasted as a humble shopkeep. All thanks to some sensible saving, the family was able send him off to further his education.

  • During an outing to study Bronze Lake and the history surrounding, a sudden thunderstorm began to brew a few malms off. The class wasn't particularly concerned; they all agreed they'd make their ways back to camp before the storm had the opportunity to overtake them.

  • Unfortunately, nature found a way. Stray lightning arced malms out of the storm, and a bolt from the blue struck Nimbus as he stood at the cliffside.

  • The strike left behind a gruesome scar, but that's hardly the worst of the side effects. Nimbus's eardrums ruptured, he suffered burns, temporary paralysis, and of most consequence his aether became unstable and electrically charged due to the strike. He continues to suffer from hearing loss and chronic pain to this day.

  • His personality also underwent some changes. On top of his sudden obsession with weather, his patience wears more thin compared to before, but his unstable aether could also be to blame.

  • Next Nimbus came to was in a medical ward's bed. He'd been recovering for a few days, and further recovery then after would require the better part of six moons. The paralysis abated, but the loss of hearing, chronic pain, periodic muscle spasms, and the shock to his aether did not.

  • After Nimbus's recovery, he found himself more curious than ever about the selfsame phenomenon that nearly took him out. For the second time in his life, his life's direction took a right angle turn and he began to study to become a skywatcher.

  • Around this time he'd also realize that accessing his own aether proved unpredictable, even dangerous, and something needed to be done about his disrupted makeup. He had no immediate solution, and resolved to put it on the backburner while he completed his studies since he wasn't experiencing any detrimental or disruptive effects, So long as he left his own aether alone, he would be fine.

  • This came at the cost of him drawing from the aether around him to access any magic, however.

Out of Character


  • I'm Joel- 25 years old, freelance artist, and professional himbo appreciator.

  • Despite my character's tendency to be a little chilly towards strangers, I am friendly and talkative OOCly!

  • To my knowledge all my characters are lore adherent, but I am not lore strict! So long as a story has a reasonable explanation, then I am open to it.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly, and most if not all my characters fall under the umbrella.

  • I do my absolute best to match posts, but my post length naturally errs on the shorter side since I tend to become shy and lock up in group RP settings. My post length gets longer the more time I have to relax and think.

  • I struggle with my memory, so I am prone to making honest mistakes, lore or otherwise. If you catch one feel free to bump me and let me know!

  • My schedulel ranges between restrictive and open at any given day, so arranging a time for RP works best for me!

  • I prefer to be acquainted and communicative with my long term RP partners.

  • If you want to set something up or discuss story hooks, feel free to ask for my Discord or message me ingame!

Rules of Engagement

  • IC =/= OOC! Any of my characters' potentially harmful opinions, beliefs, and actions do not reflect my own.

  • In spite of the above rule, I do acknowledge that sometimes certain subject matters do affect people outside of the game, so please do not hesitate to communicate your comforts!

  • Most RP themes accepted! I excel most in lighthearted, humorous settings, but also appreciate plot and dark themes as well.

  • Will not RP: Random ERP solicitations, excessively dark, taboo, or inappropriate themes, and my own character's death.